Continental Breeding Station

The Continental Breeding Station is located on twelve acres in southwest Oklahoma City. Our first breeding season was in 1987. We originally operated and lived in Steve's house. We started with Rick and Linda Mardis and 1 part time employee. We now have 7 employees plus Rick and Linda. We built our new house in 2001 and Steve, our son, moved back in our house and became General Manager. I hope these pictures give you a feeling about CBS. Thanks, Rick.

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Rick, Linda, Steve and Joey
Three generations at CBS
Entrance to CBS
Rick Mardis' house
CBS Office and Steve Mardis' house
Front of Steve Mardis' house
CBS Office
Storage barn and apartment

Mercedes Lofts, looking North
Mercedes Lofts, looking South
Mercedes Race loft office
Landing board Mercedes Loft
Mercedes Loft settling cages
Inside Mercedes loft
Loading chute Mercedes loft
Training trailer
The Mercedes lofts is 112 feet long
and will hold 1200 pigeons.
Mercedes Race timing equipment

Our personal racing loft
Overhead view of racing loft
We fly old and young birds here
Landing board
Aviary for Widowhood hens
Holding pen for cocks
Inside CBS's Race Loft

CBS Breeding loft
Feeding tray
One of the aviaries
Individual breeding pens
Individual breeding pens
Individual breeding pens
Breeding compartments
Breeding compartments
Breeding nest
Breeding nest
Hopper feeders
Holding compartments

CBS office
back office
front office
Linda Mardis' office



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