Continental Breeding Station
11-11-11 Rick Smith of North Texas Concourse for winning 2nd, 3rd & 4th vs 31 lofts and 363 birds. All three were siblings bred from a son of Washington
11-1-11 Joaquin Blanco of Miami for breeding 10-SCHE-186, flown by Robert Odery. This bird won 1st at 380 & 440 miles. This bird was Short, Middle and Long Distance Champion and is a Grandson of "Jef"
10-26-11 Everett Stenman who won 1st Place overall at 202 miles & 2nd Place Champion bird, Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge seven race series. Sire 04-CBS-3294, Dam 09-CBS-2464

10-10-11 Steve Lesley for an outstanding season.
11 GSC 2176 & 2177 off 10-CBS-1294
11-GSC-2176 is Concourse Hi point bird. 3 x equal 1st
Nest mate 11-GSC-2177 2 x equal 1st
11 GSC 2415 & 2453 off 09-CBS-1821 & 10-CBS-1709. 2 x equal 1st

11 GSC 2409 off 09-CBS-1822 & 10-CBS-1210. 2 x equal 1st

On three weekends had 6 or 7 out of eight shipped

Hi Point Conc Birds
1st 2176
5th 2453
6th 2409
15th 2438
18th 2177

2408 not shown above was 4th Hi point. She is not Vandenabeele & Kleine Dirk but she is out of
07-CBS-2047, Granddaughter of Flits.

10-6-11 Serge Van Elsacker of Belgium for winning King of the Antwerp Union and a great season. Serge will be at the AU Convention and will have a nice group of birds to be auctioned there
9-19-11 Dave Waddington for winning 1st with 11-CBS-898 & John Reynolds for 2nd with 11-CBS-1023 vs 76 Lofts & 1117 birds in the Southern New England Combine.
9-9-11 Tom Murphy of Pennsylvania for winning 1st thru 3rd combine. 1st Place is a grandson of "Superman." 2nd and 3rd Place were bred from CBS birds as well.
7-13-11 George Kittredge and Mike Sherwood for having 2nd and 4th Champion birds of the Boston concourse. The birds were bred by George and flown by Mike and are bred from CBS Janssens.
5-17-11 Mike Larson who won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd WestSide Concourse vs. 557 birds, 150 miles. 1st and 3rd off of 06-CBS-1753 and 2nd off of 06-CBS-789 and 07-CBS-961. These birds also placed 3rd 4th and 5th Chicago Combine vs. 1917 birds.
5-13-11 Jose Galloza of the Central Jersey Combine. With the same bird he won 1st vs 2,983 birds, from 188 miles. The next week won 1st vs 2,590, from 188 miles. The sire of this pigeon is
07-CBS-3010, the dam 08-CBS-483
5-4-11 Bob McKenna for winning 1st vs 686 & 59 lofts in the Southern New England Combine. The sire of this bird is 06 cbs 182.
4-19-11 Rick Smith of Texas for winning 1st vs 425, 46 lofts from 440 miles in the North Texas RPC. This bird was bred from a daughter of "Washington"
4-11-11 Danny Murphy of Denton, TX for winning 1st Lone Star Federation vs 177 birds from 413 miles. The sire of this pigeon is 08-CBS1524. He has now bred Danny 3 First Prize winners.
4-04-11 Bryan Wilkerson of OK for winning 6th Place in the AU Convention race. The sire is 05-AHPI-810 (banded by CBS) and the dam is 02-CBS-3220
3-23-11 Congratulations to: Warren Baudy of New Orleans for winning 9th vs 559 at 280 miles on 3-12. This same pigeon on 3-19 wins 1st vs 458 from 330 miles. The sire 08-CBS-1761, the dam is 08-CBS-2578.
2-11-11 CBS had the 6th & 15 Overall Average Speed Winner in the World Ace Challenge. 6th Place was 10-CBS-1848, 15th 10-CBS-1922
02-09-11 Mike Hines for breeding 5th Place Ave. Speed in Mercedes Classic & 200 Mile Winner bred from two birds from CBS. Mike also bred YB Champion of Great Plains Flyers from two birds from CBS.
02--03-11  Larry Felt "Senator Loft" for breeding the Snowbird Classic and the Snowbird Futurity winner. The sire was 02-CBS-4333. Larry also bred the 2nd Place Snowbird classic and the 5th Place Snowbird Futurity. The sire was from Simons Family Loft of Belgium.
12-27-10 Roger O'Neil of FL. for winning 1st at 300 miles with 60 lofts & 600+ birds, bred from 2 CBS Van Elsackers that he purchased on iPigeon. Roger says that he seldom wins a combine YB race due to being so far off line of the GHC club.
12-15-10 CBS won 1st Champion Bird Texas Gusher One-Loft Race with "Mr. Gusher". click to see more
11-19-10 Gary Gasaway for winning 1st place AU Convention bred out of CBS Janssens & Pedro Montalvo for winning 2nd and 6th in the AU Convention race with CBS bred birds.
11-03-10 Joe Woolford of Illinois, for having an unbelieveably great race season after 38 years out of the sport. He won Master Loft, Champion Loft, Average Speed, and 5 Combines with birds bred by CBS 
10-19-10 CBS was Equal 1st at the American Grand National with 10-CBS-801 
10-06-10 Dave Waddington of CT. wins 1st New England Open 300 Miles vs 154 lofts & 1879 birds with
10-CBS-694 Roodhoft/Hofken
9-27-10 Orlan Gulker of Iowa, winner of 1st Grain Belt Classic. The dam of this pigeon was 08-CBS-2747
9-7-10 Orvil Stalzer of Wisconsin, he wins 1st vs 549 birds, 27 lofts. The parents of this bird are 08-CBS-3116 and 08-CBS-2555 both Vandenabeele.
9-3-10 Congratulations to: Hector Gonzalez for winning Champion Bird of the Lakeland Flyers Central Jersey Combine 2010 OB. The sire of this bird is 06-CBS-728 and the dam is 07-CBS-2302 Keizer/Merckx Janssen lines.
8-6-10 CBS had 3 birds in the 1st Drop at the Cowtown Kicker. The 3 birds were 10-CBS-568, 10-CBS-566, 10-CBS-664

7-15-10 Mike Ludolph for winning 1st Place Overall Midwest Classic. The 1st Prize winner was bred from CBS birds, 3/4 Simons Merckx Janssen.

7-2-10 Mike Ludolph of MN who won 1st Champion Bird with 07-CBS-306 and 3rd Champion Bird with 07-CBS-237. Mike is also Champion Loft of the Great Plains Flyers.
5-24-10 Email from James Carroll says a Granddaughter of 04-CBS- 4660 won 1st from 167 miles, 3rd from 224 miles, and 1st from 224 miles. "4660" is my best breeder & bred winners/diploma birds with several different hens. Thanks for breeding Excellent birds every year for Fanciers across the USA!!! Note: AU 07 A 23626 BBC son of "4660" bred the outstanding flying hen with the above record, he was also a super racer.
5-20-10 Mario Gomez for winning Long Distance Champion Bird in the Tampa Bay Conc. His bird won 1st at 624 miles, 13 lofts, 152 birds. The dam is a granddaughter of "Tarbes" from CBS.
5-17-10 Richard Reddick of Ada, OK, winning 1st at 406 miles vs 18 lofts and 455 birds. Richard sent only 1 bird, his super cock 07-ADA-7678 an AU Elite Champion winner of 5 x 1st. The dam is a CBS Tournier.
5-7-10 Rick Smith of Denton, TX for winning both the A&B races in the Lone Star Federation from 300 miles. Both winners bred from a daughter of "Washington" full brother to "Jade".
4-23-10 Mike Ludolph of MN was runner-up in the AU Old Bird GI Joe Loft award All Distance category and 7th Long Distance category. He tells us that his birds are mostly Diamond/Emerald/Keizer Janssens, Van Elsackers, Marcelis and Hofkens.

3-17-10 Rick Smith Denton, Tx for winning both the A & B race from 160 miles. The A winner is bred from a daughter of Washington, the B winner is 09-GDF-341 bred by CBS

3-12-10 Congratulations to Bob Barnes of Michigan for winning 1st on the Sunshine State International Race Firecrackers 400. This bird is bred from a direct son of "Jade" and "Tony Romo".
2-5-10 Congratulations to Jerry Thomas who bred the 10th Place IF Hall of Fame Winner. This bird is from CBS Janssen and Vandenabeele lines
CBS was Equal 1st, 5th in the trap on the World Ace Challenge with 09-CBS-548
12-15-09 Joe Jones for winning the Texas Gusher 300 mile race. This bird is from a direct son of "990"
11-19-09 Dennis Branham for winning 1st Place in the Viva Las Vegas 1 Loft race. The mother is 07-CBS-2434 Janssen hen.
11-10-09 On the North Texas Fut. Band race (NTF) there are 3 three hundred mile races. On the 1st Race NTF-87 was 2nd for Adina Rose, NTF-91 was 10th for Rick Smith. On the 2nd 300 NTF-91 was 3rd, NTF-89 was 4th for Hookem Loft, NTF-87 was 5th. One more race to go.
11-05-09 Don Woods for winning 1st Greater Dallas Futurity with 09-GDF-345 banded by CBS
10-28-09 Robert Salinovici for winning the Big East Open Bond race by 20 minutes from 300 miles, vs 375 birds and 34 lofts. The dam of this bird is 07-CBS-771.
10-12-09 James Carroll of NC won 1st from 250 miles. The dam is 03-CBS-1724 and James tells us that she has bred multiple diploma winners with different mates.
9-29-09 Rick and Steve

09-CBS 398 has won again. I am sure he was first in the combine as well. As soon as I get the Total numbers ie. birds and lofts I will let you know. He has two firsts and a fifth. May win Champion bird, however, there are two weeks left a 300 and a two hundred and I may stock him first as that is the reason I bought him.

Thanks for another fantastic bird,

9-23-09 Bob McKenna of Connecticut. He won 1st Place from 200 miles. The sire was an imported Simons cock from CBS and the dam is 01-CBS-1920
9-8-09 Carter Mayotte of Nebraska. He won 1st Combine vs 320 birds, 200 miles with 09-CBS-398. Kleine Dirk Lines.
8-18-09 Richard Reddick of Oklahoma tells 01-CBS-4155 (granddaughter of Keizer) is the granddam of 7 different 1st Place Winners and great-granddam to two more 1st Prize winners.
8-4-09 Larry Adams of Oklahoma he won 1st Place Texas Center Convention High Roller Race from CBS Janssen lines. Larry tell us that he has a lot of success with this line.

7-10-09 Serge Van Elsacker 7-8-09 1st vs 1,008 fastest of entire Antwerp release of 10,968 with "Suzy" a granddaughter of Kilimanjaro.

5-13-09 Serge has fastest bird in the Antwerp Union release vs 15,061 with "Speedy". Speedy has been his best bird this season and his father is breeding at CBS.

6-22-09 Stanley Johnson of Elmore City, OK for winning 1st Oklahoma State Race vs 315 birds, 81 lofts from 400 miles. This same bird won four 1st prizes in '07 OB. This bird has won 1st from 200, 300 & 400 miles. The sire is 05-CBS-2690. The dam is bred down from CBS lines also.
6-01-09 Bob McKenna took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th in the Southern New England Comb. from 400 miles. The 1st Place bird bred from a CBS Janssen cock & Simons hen. 4th place bird bred 04-CBS-437 & 98-CBS-1519.
5-15-09 Steve Lesley of WA for winning the Evergreen State Conc. A & B releases. A release he wins 1&2 vs 51 lofts and 398 birds. Both pigeons were Van Elsackers. He is 1st in the B release vs 398 and 51 loft with a Van Elsacker/Bordeaux cross.
5-11-09 Serge Van Elsacker of Belgium for winning 1st Overall of the New Union - ZAV Etampes Race. His yearling cock was 1st vs 5151 pigeons and the fastest in the entire liberation of 15,061 pigeons. The father is now breeding at CBS. Click here to see "06-BELG-3201619"
5-1-09 Larry Wiltz, Greater New Orleans Combine - 1st Place vs 457 birds, 40 lofts with
4-10-09 Bob Roper of Oklahoma for winning the First 5 positions in the Golden Valley/Ada Combine vs 501 birds 18 Lofts. Bob's entire loft is bred down from CBS pigeons
4-3-09 Mike Ludolph of MN. winning 1st Ace Digest Award for the Sprint Division 5 with 07-CBS-98 "Iron Mike". "Iron Mike" is now back in CBS' breeding loft. Mike also won 3rd Ace Overall in Division 5 and 5th Sprint Ace Overall Division 5 with "Charlie". 2 of Charlie's grandparents are from CBS, and 6 of his great-grandparents are from CBS.
3-27-09 Bob Adams (Starfire Loft) of NY had two 1st Place Winners in the 200-250 mile race. Sire of both 00-CBS-1770. The hen was bred from CBS birds.
03-10-09 Richard Reddick of Ada OK. He told us that 01-CBS-4155 is the grandmother of 4 different 1st Place winners
3-5-09 Jack Manders Spring Hill Fl for winning 1st IF Hall of Fame for 2008 YB's. Bred from 2 CBS birds, grandchild of Victory
2-5-09 Rich Ross of Michigan, he bred 12th & 25th Place in the AU Convention Race. Both birds were nestmates out of 06-CBS-2965 & 07-CBS-1094
1-19-09 Robert Salinovici for breeding 10th Place Winner in the Late Hatch Classic. The Dam was 04-CBS-2085. This same hen bred the 1st Place North Texas Concourse Auction Winner
01-13-08 Bill Hill of Tulsa He won 2nd Hall of Fame for 2008 YB's. The sire was bred by CBS and is a grandson of "Jade". This same bird is also 7th National Ace Pigeon
12-24-08 Danny Hutchins and Mike Gotthard for winning the World Ace Challenge. The Granfather is a full brother to "Jade".

Jian Ping Qu for winning 3rd Place Bird in the World Ace Challenge with 08-CBS-1317

Also finishing in the prize money and average speed are 08-CBS-1149, 08-CBS-1317, 08-CBS-1390, 08-CBS-1449, WHC-1388 (banded for Mike Gotthard.

12-11-08 David Knightes of Vermont. He won 1st Champion Bird World of Wings Truck race with a black pigeon down from CBS Black Diamond lines, crossed on his family.
12-09-08 Al Hassler for having a great GHC Race - putting 8 birds in the money. His first pigeon was 08-CBS-964 (35th vs 2,012)
11-12-08 CBS Wins Equal 1st Vegas Classic from 330 miles with 08-CBS-1567. This same bird was 1st through the trap on the 160 mile training toss.
11-05-08 Robert Salinovici and Darrell Starnes for winning 1st North Texas Conc. Auction Race. The bird was bred by Robert and flown by Darrell. The mother is 04-CBS-2085 Verkerk
10-20-08 Francis Cosmos of Maryland winner of 1st vs 30 lofts 494 birds at 128 miles. The sire is from CBS Keizer lines.
10-06-08 Bill Hill of Tulsa, OK for winning 1st vs 252 birds and 52 lofts. This bird is Merckx/Keizer Janssen. Bill also won the 500 mile race in OB with a sister to this bird.
9-23-08 Bob Pascone won 1st vs 576 birds, 65 lofts with 08-CBS-46 in the 250 Mile Tri-State Bond Race.
8-25-08 Mike Ludolph of MN for winning the first two Young Bird races of the season.

Alan Docktor of Puget Sound Conc. won 1st from 138 miles. The father was bred by CBS.

8-21-08 Mike Larson of Chicago wins 1st Fox Valley combine vs 1,411 birds. The dam of this bird is 07-CBS-2537. This bird was bred by Mike's dad, Stan Larson.
8-14-08 Stan Larson of Illinois winner of 1st vs 293 club, 5th vs 1,358 Fox Valley Combine with a grandchild of "Jonge Crack".
8-11-08Alan Dockter of the Puget Sound Concourse wins 1st concourse (5 minutes out front) vs 220 birds from 138 miles. The father is
8-6-08 Bill Hill of Tulsa wins 1st Federation from 464 miles. The same hen wins 1st Combine from 500 two weeks later. She is 3/4 Keizer and 1/4 Merckx, all CBS blood.
8-5-08 Serge Van Elsacker is having an excellent year and he has already won 1st Prov. Bourges, 1st Prov. Limoges. Click here to visit his web site.
8-1-08 Verkerk had an excellent race from Argenton (410 miles). He wins 13 of the top 15 postions against 6,595 pigeons. Click here to see this result.
7-29-08 Aurelio Martinez of Pugent Sound Concourse won 1st from 150 miles vs 248. This pigeon was bred from 06-CBS-2419
7-24-08 Mike Ludolph of MN. Mike had an excellent season winning 1st from 150 miles with 07-CBS-98, 1st from 500 miles with 06-CBS-302, 1st from 250 miles with 06-CBS-514. Many more top postions.
5-25-08 Richard Reddick of Ada, Oklahoma. He has an excellent grandson of Grijzen Provincial who won 1st 406 miles, 1st 431 miles into a headwind (8 day birds), 2nd (=1st) 300 miles. This same bird was Champion Bird of the A races in club and combine.
4-2-08 Fritz Meneke of Wisconsin. Over the years he has done very well with CBS pigeons. 02-CBS-995 was Bird of the Year in club in young and old birds. 05-CBS-219 was Bird of the Year in the club and combine. 06-CBS-807 was Bird of the Year in the club. 07-CBS-660 was Bird of the Year in the club and combine.
3-18-08 Ken Jackson of California for winning 1st vs 275 from 140 miles, bred from Simons Janssens.
3-13-08 Gerarad and Bas Verkerk for winning the Golden Duif Award of Holland 2007.(All Round/Best Loft). They were also the Golden Duif Winner for Long Distance and 2nd for Middle Distance.

Reedijk-Jongekrijg for winning the Best Loft of Holland 2007 WHZB.

2-26-08  Glen Shelton of Florida for winning Bird of the year bred from 04-CBS-3903 & 04-CBS-1103. Glen also won 2nd Loft of the Year. Glen had an excellent season and placed 1st or 2nd in six out of eight races, all from CBS stock.
1-23-08 David Velez for 1st Place Citrus Bowl, Florida. Bred from 04-CBS-4436, winning him $10,000
11-20 Senator Loft (Larry Felt) for winning 1st Champion Bird of the Texas Gusher. The father was a son of Jonge Merckx from CBS and the dam was bred from two CBS birds.
11-01 Tony Nastro of New York equal 1st Snake River Challenge, bred from CBS Janssen and Houben stock.

Bill Aldridge of MO wins 1st from 400 miles. Both parents Janssens from CBS.

10-23-07 Bill Michalski for winning 1st thru 5th in the AU Convention Race. The 2nd and 3rd Place Birds, 3 seconds behind the winner, were nestmates bred by Paul Hanna. The father is a grandson of Keizer and the mother is 03-CBS-1528

10-03-07 Matt Wiesbrock of Illinois won 7th in his auction race with 07-CBS-1228.

Mike Dupree of the New Orleans Combine won 1st and 2nd from 200 miles with 07-CBS-909, 07-CBS-705.

Larry Jeske (handler) and John Lindeman (breeder) of Wisconsin won 1st Valley Club Open & Auction Race vs 42 loft, 554 Birds. The sire is 05-CBS-3611and the dam is 05-CBS-2547.

9-24-07 Ken Jackson of California for winning 1st Place 140 miles with a daughter of "Jim Brown" son of "990"

Mike Haffner for winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd from 250 miles bred from a daughter of "Mustang" full brother of "990". This was a headwind race and Mike tells us this hen has bred us 3 different 1st Prize Winners.

9-19-07 Ken Johnson of Lincoln, Nebraska won 1st from 113 miles bred from a grandchild of "Grizjen Provinciaal".
9-19-07 Tell Burns of Wyoming won 1st from 100 miles bred from two CBS banded Black Diamonds. 9-19-07
9-12-07 Ken Eckerle 1st from 300 miles bred by Bob Barrett. The sire was 06-CBS-1090and the dam was 06-CBS-286.
8-29-07 Matt Wiesbrock of Illinois for winning 1st Fox Valley Combine from 250 miles with
07-CBS-1228. Click on band number to see pedigree.
8-23-07 Dennis England of Oregon wins 1st from 160 miles by 8 minutes bred from CBS Black Diamond and Grizzle Lines. The nestmate was 2nd in the same race. On the same day he wins in the B race bred from a CBS banded Grizzle hen.
7-24-07 Ben Turner of Oklahoma won High Point Bird of his Club and Combine. Both Parents were bred by CBS.
6-22-07 Dave Harrett of Washington for winning 1st Place vs 141 birds, 22 lofts, 320 miles. This same bird was also 4th High Point Bird of the Concourse bred from two CBS Simons Janssens.
6-6-07 Gary Willeford of Texas wins 1st Champion Bird bred from two CBS banded Verkerks Sire: 05-CBS-3648 and Dam: 05-CBS-2523. A full sister to this bird won 1st from 350 miles and Gary tells us this pair bred him 5 good pigeons.
5-29-07 Joe Jones of Maryland wins 1st & 2nd from 360 miles bred down from CBS Janssens.
1-29-07 CBS wins Equal 1st in the Vegas Classic 300. Click here to see pedigree of 06-CBS-1447.
1-22-07 Mario Gomez, Florida for winning an AU Hall of Fame award. The parents were a Guaranteed Pair from CBS.
12-11-06 Bob Darr of Florida wins 1st, 2nd, 3rd vs 2,052 birds, 81 lofts, 227 miles - all bred from CBS Janssens.

12-7-06 CBS Wins 21st Colorado Gold Rush bred from Bordeaux family. Same family wins Equal 1st Vegas Classic.

11-13-06 CBS Wins Equal 1st 2006 Vegas Classic Race bred from Bordeaux Family.
10-30-06 Bobby Blakey of Oklahoma wins 1st Place Chandler Challenge Grizzle Race 300 miles. The same bird was 3rd on the 150. Both Parents from CBS.
10-24-06 Mike Ludolph, MN 1st Champion Bird with 06-CBS-505 a Vandenabeele crossed to a daughter of "Jonge Merckx"
10-24-06Herret Guzman of Louisiana wins 1st Combine 300 miles with a CBS banded Merckx/Keizer Janssen.
10-24-06 Dave Harrett equal 1st Colorado Gold Rush. Sire a son of "Jonge Merckx" & grandson "Bonte As". Dam is a CBS Merckx hen.
10-09-06 Grady Kuhn (handler) and John Lindeman (breeder) for winning 1st Place Midwest convention race. This was bred from two CBS pigeons, "Bonte As" 4 x in pedigree. This bird was 9 min. 40 sec. out front
10-04-06 Betty and Gordon Faltimeir of New York for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Schenectady Firecracker from 313 miles. They have won this race 3 years in a row with children from CBS birds.
9-25-06 Arnel Vega of California wins 1st vs 218 from 180 miles with 06-CBS-2126 from CBS Grizzle family. 9-25-06
9-19-06 Don Paltani of Omaha, NE won the 2006 Grain Belt Classic from 300 miles on a tough day. The father was bred by CBS and is an inbred grandson of Keizer.
8-23-06 Mike Ludolph of Minnesota takes the 1st 9 positions from 120 miles. 4 of these were bred by CBS, the other 5 were from CBS stock.
8-18-06 Paul Meyer from Kennewick, WA. for winning 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th Place from 350miles bred down from CBS Janssens, Aardens, Engels, Marcelis.

5-23-06 Stephen Helfrich of Indiana bred 1st Place River City Classic flown by Kerry Woodburn. The mother is "Bonte As" Janssen from CBS

5-9-06 Bob Darr of Florida wins 2nd and 3rd vs 458 from 468 miles. Hot headwinds, no day birds. Bred from CBS Merckx and Simons Janssens.
4-24-06 Vic Corso, LA wins 1st Conc. A & B release with CBS banded Janssens. 
4-13-06 Mexicano-Mambises Loft, CA won 1st Overall Greater Valley Conc. 38 lofts, 1000 birds. Bred by Mark Hernandez. Sire from CBS. Keizer lines.
4-11-06 Kenny Kelley Texas. Won 1st Club vs 208 birds 337 miles into headwind with 04-CBS-1144 Van Elsacker.
3-2-06 Bob Darr of Florida wins 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th vs 2,470, 88 lofts. All four are Merckx/Keizer Janssens.
3-1-06 Steve Dietrich of Minnesota wins 10th AU Hall of Fame. Both parents were bred by CBS.
2-3-06 Filip Andreica was 2nd High Point bird in the The Dam of this pigeon was "Bonte As" lines.
1-15-06 Don Previch winning Champion YB Central Michigan Combine. Both parents are Marcelis from CBS.
12-20-05 Carribean Syndicate Loft of Puerto Rico wins equal 1st (2nd clock) from 245 miles over water. The sire was inbred "Bonte As", the dam was Keizer and Wondere Merckx lines.
12-16-05 Charles Nakashima wins 1st Average Speed in the Snowbird Classic. The sire was a son of "Count Keizer". Larry Felt wins 10th on the 400 mile Snowbird race and 12th Average Speed bred from a CBS Simons cock.
12-13-05 Dave Peterson won 7th and 13th in the GHC Classic and hitting the $200 Pick Pool with siblings. The parents were acquired through CBS.
12-8-05 Noel Certain of Long Island, NY. wins 1st Place Texas Shootout. The sire was a CBS Verkerk cock.
12-6-05 Mario Gomez of Florida wins 1st Champion Bird THP club. This hen was bred from a Guaranteed Pair purchased from CBS. This hen won 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th, 10th and 15th.
12-2-05 Victor Valenzuela winner of the Snow Bird Classic. This bird was bred CBS Merckx lines.
11-10-05 Dave Peterson of Florida win the WOW Truck Race. The parents were imported from Serge Van Elsacker.
11-02-05 Dave Peterson of Florida won 1st in the American Showcase by 6 minutes. The sire was a Verkerk cock, the dam was an imported Simons Janssen hen.
10-31-05 Gordon and Betty Faltermeier of New York, won the Firecracker 300, they also won YB Average Speed all bred from CBS stock.
10-31-05 Gordon and Betty Faltermeier of New York, won the Firecracker 300, they also won YB Average Speed all bred from CBS stock.
10-27-05 Tim Ross (Ross Loft) wins equal 1st in the High Desert Classic bred from a CBS Houben hen.
10-25-05 Michael Ibe of Alabama wins 2 x 1st, 2 x 2nd, 3rd and 4th all bred from CBS Janssens.
10-21-05 Leo Koenig & Falk Loft of Amarillo wins 1st and 2nd in their 300 mile futurity. Both birds were bred from a guaranteed pair bought last year. These birds were flown in two different lofts.
10-19-05 Leo Koenig and Falk Loft of Amarillo wins 1st and 2nd in their 300 mile futurity. Both birds were bred from a guaranteed pair bought last year. These birds were flown in two different lofts.
10-05-05  Michael Ibe of Alabama wins 1st, 3 x 2nd, 2 x 4th and 2 x 5th with CBS banded pigeons. He won Champion Loft, Average Speed "A" races and 2nd High Point Bird (Merckx - Keizer Janssen) 
10-1-05 Joey Augiar won 4th Champion bird SNE Combine.
9-30-05  Steve Anderton of Utah wins 1st Concourse 245 miles, 356 birds. The sire was a CBS Van Elsacker cock and the dam was bred from CBS stock. This bird has scored in all 5 races and is leading in Champion Bird Points. 
9-28-05  Gordon and Betty Faltermeier of New York won 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th Amersterdam Memorial Race (351 miles). All 4 birds are bred from CBS Janssens.
9-17-05  Dave Harrett won 1st & 2nd vs 201 birds, 20 lofts from 213 miles in the Evergree State Conc. with 2 CBS banded birds. Both clocked on the same second. Both are Merckx-Keizer lines.
9-12-05  Gordon and Betty faltermeier of New York won 1st, 2nd, 3rd Amsterdam Special Kit Race from 250 Miles. The parents of all three pigeons were purchased from CBS.
8-31-05  Bruce Gordon of Washington State wins 1st & 2nd Puget Sound Futurity vs 291 birds, 41 lofts. 1st bird was a grandson of the Star Pair and the 2nd bird was Van Elsacker.
8-30-05  Mike Ludolph of Pipestone, MN. on the B race Mike wins 1st vs 222 with grandchild of "Jonge Crack". He also wins 8th vs 246 in the A race with a grandson of Adriaan.
8-23-05  Mike Larson of Chicago wins 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th from 150 miles vs 1226 birds. All four pigeons were Keizer line Janssens.
8-19-05  Bo Sokolovsky of Chicago wins 1st vs approx 440 birds, 30 lofts from 250 miles. This bird was bred by CBS from Marcelis pigeons. Peter Knap with 2nd place in the same race. This bird was also bred by CBS from Merckx/Keizer Janseens. Both these birds were purchased in kits.
8-8-05 Two weeks in a row Dave Harrett has won the Evergreen State concourse with CBS pigeons that were purchased in a premium kit. Both pigeons were Merckx-Keizer Janssen.
8-1-05  Dave Harrett of Washington state wins 1st Conc. vs 576 pigeons with 05-CBS-500 Merckx Janssen, purchased in a Premium Kit of youngsters. 3 minutes ahead of the next pigeon.
6-22-05 Lew Cressler won Champion Bird in 05 OB UPC Combine. He won 3 x 1st Club and 2 x 2nd Club. In the Combine he won 3rd, 5th, 12th, 13th, 32nd. Both parents of this bird are CBS Janssens.
6-22-05 Rob Collison of Maryland won 1st Place vs 523 in the UPC Combine from 200 miles with a Janssen bred from CBS. This same pair bred winners of 5th at 500, 2 x 2nd at 200.
6-20-05 Marcelo Mas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1st vs 440 from 320km. This same pigeon also wins 1st vs 420 from 390km. The mother of this bird was bred by CBs. 
6-7-05 Kenny Kelley won Champion Bird in the North Texas Concourse '05, bred from two CBS birds (Merckx to White Lightning lines). The nestmate was Champion Bird in 2004. 
5-20-05 Lucky 7 lofts Spring Hill, FL. They won 1st vs 1,802 birds and 120 lofts from 500 miles in the GHC. This bird was bred by Pat Tufano and the sire is a CBS Merckx-Keizer Janssen.
5-17-05 Rolando Perez West Palm Beach, FL. winner of 6th Place AU Hall of Fame with 04-CBS-2149, a Merckx/Keizer Janssen
5-16-05 Kevin Steible won 1st vs 1,278 from 150 miles. The sire is a CBS Black Diamond.
5-04-05 Gene Miller of Arlington, WA. 1st Evergreen Conc. bred from CBS Merckx Janssens.
5-04-05 Jeff Smith of Tucson AZ won 1st from 600 miles two years in a row. Both pigeons were bred from CBS Jan Aardens.
4-19-05 John Helms of Alabama. He won 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th in the combine. His 1st place bird was Keizer Janssen, 3rd place Merckx Janssen both bred from CBS Stock.
4-05-05 Gordan and Betty Faltermeier of NY won 7th Ace Loft in Division 4 and 9th Ace YB Sprint Division Ace Digest Awards.
2-24-05 Edgar Lopez, Guadalajara, MX. He won 3rd vs 3,000 pigeons and 7th vs 5,200, bred from CBS Keizer Janssens
2-24-05 Juan Gonzales Haro, wins 1st Place vs 2400 pigeons, approx. 90 lofts. The father was bred by CBS.
2-24-05 Bill Mahar of the South Florida Combine. In 2004 YB he wins 7 x 1st in the club, 1st, 2nd, 5th combine, many other top positions. Many of these are down from CBS Janssens.
2-15-05 Bob Darr of Florida, winner of first 7 positions vs 462 birds from 135 miles. All birds bred from CBS pigeons.
2-14-05 Greg Warren of Omaha, NE 7th Place AU Hall of Fame & 5th Place SMCC bred down from CBS Van Elsackers.
2-7-05 CBS takes equal 1st at the Texas Center Winter Meeting One Loft Race with a grandchild of "Keizer 166" & "Merckx Bomber".
2-3-05 Ronaldo Rodriguez 52nd and 121st in the South African Million Dollar Race. These birds are bred down from a son of Keizer. Last year he took 4th place in this race with a grandson of Keizer.
1-24-05 Dave Peterson of Vero Beach, FL. winner of 1st Place in the America's King Cup from 325 miles, bred from a daughter of "Jef".
1-20-05 Mike Ludolph of Pipestone, MN He won 1st Place 300 mile class overall in the MidWest Classic, bred from Keizer & Bonte As lines. This same pigeon was also 1st from 300 miles two other times and was equal 1st from 200 miles. Both Parents bred by CBS.
1-11-05 Delsin Dominguez of Greater Jacksonville Florida RPC. He won bird of the year for "A" releases with 04-CBS-1463 Merckx Janssen.
1-5-05 Rolando Perez for winning 1st Champion Bird of the West Palm Beach Assoc. 04-CBS-1826. This bird was 2 x 1st in the club, 1 x 3rd and once 1st in the Combine (Merckx/Keizer Janssen)
12-30-04 Dan Welch Redding CA. winner of 1st California State Hall of Fame and 5th Overall AU Hall of Fame. The sire of this pigeon was bred by CBS and has bred at least 10 other diploma winners. The grandmother on the dam side is also from CBS.
12-29-04 Jeff Smith of Tucson, AZ who won 600 mile race in 2004 OB. The mother of this pigeon is a CBS bred Jan Aarden. He also won 1st Ace Any Distance bred from a CBS Jan Aarden cock.
12-10-04 Bill Jeffers for winning 2nd Champion bird in the Mercedes Classic race. The nestmate won the Arizona Open Classic, all bred from a CBS hen. This hen also bred the Federation Ace Young Bird in 2003.
12-3-04 Reinaldo Rodriguez of Hialeah, Fl. winning equal 1st on the the Flamingo International One Loft Race with a great-granddaughter of Keizer. This hen was on the 1st drop, three weeks in a row.
11-25-04 Carter Mayotte of the Greater Tampa Bay Concourse. He won 1st AU Hall of Fame Young Birds, 101-130 lofts with 03-CBS-856 (Merckx & Keizer Janssen) This hen in 2004 bred the big money winner at AU Convention Race
11-23-04 Vic Corso took 1st , 2nd, 3rd, and 15th positions in the Great Southern Classic Futurity Race, all with CBS banded birds.
Ronnie Shumaker and Oakland Heights Elementary School. They sponsored a 1 Loft race that allowed the kids to attend the AU Convention. 1st Place was won by CBS, 2nd Place was won by Gordon and Betty Faltermeier, bred from CBS stock.
11-1-04 Lee Kohli
Grandson of "Vic" Sire, Grandsire, Greatgrandsire to numerous Combine, Federation and One Loft Champions Click here to see them all.
10-27-04 Craig Allred of Utah winner of Bird of the Year with 04-CBS-1090 Merckx Janssen
10-25-04 Jim Ruffini 2nd Place Bellville One Loft Race, 4 seconds behind the winner. The sire was a cock purchased from CBS
10-25-04 Delsin Domingues won 1st - 10th place. 1st Place and 5th Place were bred by CBS.
10-23-04 Gordon and Betty Faltermeier won Champion bird of the club 1st, 2nd, 3rd SCH Certificate and Auction race. 1st 2nd 3rd in the SMR Classic race. 1st Combine 100 miles. 6th &7th AMR Auction race. All bred down from CBS stock
10-22-04 Joe Aguiar won 1st S.N.E. John Cahoon Memorial race. He also won 1st Place in the S.N.E. Auction Race bred by Joe Salpietro from two CBS pigeons.  
10-22-04 Congratulations to: Dennis Metcalf for winning =1st Pacific Northwest Challenge Race bred from a daughter of "Keizer 166"  
Congratulations Greg Glazier, 3rd High Point Bird Kings Cup, bred from a son of the "Star Pair". And Reinaldo Rodriguez 4th Place Sun City Million Dollar S.Africa, bred from a CBS son of Keizer.
CBS won Equal 1st and Equal 2nd in the Tobacco Valley Futurity, reported on October 25th. The equal 1st place bird was a Keizer/Merckx Janssen and the equal 2nd place bird was a Van Loon.
12-4-03 Arvel Freydenfelt won the inaugural $10,000 Black Eyed Susan Classic of the South Baltimore Pigeon Club, bred down from CBS Houbens.
Carter Mayotte of the GHC, Springhill, FL won 1st Champion Bird with 03-CBS-856 Merckx/Keizer Janssen (over 120 members in the club).
11-19-03 Mike Gonzales, Inglewood, CA won 4th Place Flamingo Race from 150 miles with 03-CBS-699 Van Loon.
Tim and Terry Kliesch won the Miami Valley Sportsman 300 mile Futurity 18 minutes out front with a white cock. The sire of this cock was a CBS banded white Delbar and the dam was a CBS Merckx Janssen.
Kenny Kelley of Texas won the North Texas Futurity, with 03-CBS-1339. This hen won two other club races. Her sire is "Star Bright" and her dam is a daughter of Count Keizer. In the last year grandchildren of the Star Pair have won 1st Place Vegas Classic, 5th Place, a new truck in the W.O.W. Truck Race, and now the North Texas Futurity.
Congratulations to the AU Convention Race Winners Chicago 2003. 2nd Place John Ciolek, Merckx Janssen banded by CBS, 3rd Place Bixby Connection, bred from Hey Van Loon, 5th and 6th Place Barnes, bred from two CBS hens, 10th Kugler-Warren down from CBS Tourniers, 16th Place Long-Young from CBS Janssens, 20th Place CBS-Van Elsacker, 29th Place Ted Smith, Keizer lines.
10-16-03 Steve and Linda Joneli of Red Rose Lofts bred the World Trade Center Memorial Race winner. The sire was a Simons Jannsen purchased from CBS.

10-8-03 Vic Spaccarelli of CT. 1st Place in the MVRC Young Bird Futurity 360 miles vs 31 lofts and 215 birds. This bird was bred from CBS Hofkens. Vic also won 2nd in the Wescon Futurity vs 37 lofts 401 birds. This bird was behind 1st Place by 16 seconds, also bred from CBS Hofkens.

10-8-03 Scott Hyatt and Victor Randa bred the 2nd Place bird in the Detroit Motor City race, the dam was a CBS Houben. The 4th Place bird was bred by CBS and is a grandson of Merckx 811. Both of these birds were flown by Ken Howard who had a terrific race and terrific season.
10-2-03 Chuck Smith of Oregon won Champion Bird for YB in the A & B releases. The "A" release Champion bird is 03-CBS-585 which was bred from a Simons Janssen. The "B" release Champion bird is 03-CBS-2176 Engels.
9-30-03 Mike Ludolph of Minnesota won the first 21 positions from 260 miles. The 1st Place bird is a Diamond Janssen bred down from "Louis," "Jef," "Adriaan." Of the other 20 birds, we find Keizer and Diamond Janssens, Van Elsackers, Engels and Jan Aardens.
9-29-03 Dick Remus, Illinois, won 1st, 6th and 10th in the Midwest National Classic vs 414 lofts and 5,872 birds. Dicks 10th Place bird was a CBS bred Janssen from 1995. This cock has flown for 9 season counting young birds. Last season, this cock was the 500 mile winner. The nestmate for this pigeon was also a Federation winner for Dick.

9-23-03 Harold Caputo of Littleton Colorado, won 1st vs 372 from 200 miles with a CBS bred grandson of Wondere Merckx and Rooie Pearl.

9-19-03 Mike Larson of Chicago won the Windy City Classic. He had the only day bird from 350 miles. The grandsire of this pigeon is a CBS bred Sprinter.
09-18-03 Bill Ball took 3rd Place equal 1st in the SMCC race (Detroit). Both parents were bred by CBS. The Sire was a grandson of "Victory" and "Strombeek" and the dam was a daughter of "Bergerac" and a granddaughter of "Fons".
Russ Mecklenburg won 11th Place. This bird was bred by Rich Ross and the sire was grandson of "Wondere Merckx" and "Adriaan".
9-16-03 Mike Ludolph of Minnesota won the first 12 positions from 218 miles. The 1st Place bird is a grandson of "Victory". Of the other 11 birds, all are down from CBS Janssens.
9-11-03 Jack Blazier of Wisconsin reported that 03-CBS-921 was 2nd equal 1st on the 200 mile Border Combine race vs 493 birds and 25 lofts. The following week she was 2nd in the Wisconsin Derby from 326 miles. She is a granddaughter of "Jonge Stier" and "Count Keizer".
9-9-03 Mike Ludolph of Minnesota took the first 18 positions. He had two birds that were out front by 4 minutes. One of these was a grandchild of "Victory" and the other was down from CBS Janssens. The other 16 birds were down from CBS Merckx & Keizer Janssens, and Van Elsackers.
9-02-03 Louie Carjiulo won 1st prize at the Early Bird Red Oak Classic in Texas. The parents of this bird were both bred by CBS. This pigeon was 40 minutes out front.

8-26-03 Warren Sessink of Detroit, Michigan. Warren took equal 1st in the Combine vs 954 pigeons and equal 1st in the Federation vs approx. 2000 pigeons. The dam of this pigeon is01-CBS-1038, inbred granddaughter of Bonte As. This hen herself won the Detroit Motor City Classic in 2001. Two weeks later the same pigeon won 1st Combine and 1st Federation vs roughly 1500 pigeons. Another daughter of 1038 was sent to the convention race in Chicago and took 5th Federation in their first Federation race.

8-26-03 Mike Ludolph of Minnesota won 1st, 2nd and 3rd vs 9 lofts and 319 birds at 163 miles. His 1st place bird was a grandson of "Victory" and "Emerald 355." The 2nd place bird was bred from two CBS Merckx Janssens and the 3rd place bird was Keizer and Merckx lines.
8-25-03 Tom Nelson of the Puget Sound Concourse won 1st Concourse vs 23 lofts. This bird was bred by CBS and is a grandson of "Jonge Stier" and "Jef."

8-20-03 Mike Ludolph of Minnesota won the first 18 positions vs 11 lofts and 382 birds. Mike had 4 birds out front. The 1st Place bird was down from CBS Merckx Janssens. The 2nd Place bird was bred from a grandson of Keizer and a Van Elsacker hen. The 3rd Place bird was bred from two CBS Van Elsackers and the 4th Place bird was a grandson of Merckx Bomber. He also scored many other top positions with Engels, Van Elsackers, and Merckx Janssens.

8-16-03 Bruce Gordon of the Puget Sound Concourse for winning 1st Concourse vs 40 lofts and 425 birds in the "A" race. Congratulations to Steve Lesley also from the Puget Sound Concourse - he won 1st, 2nd and 5th vs 34 loft and 306 birds. All from CBS bloodlines. Also congratulations to Bob Glass who took 2nd Concourse vs 40 loft and 525 birds. This same bird won the kit auction race. This bird was bred by CBS and is a grandchild of "Jef" and "Keizer 166." This pigeon also won 1st in the Coburg kit race.
08-14-03 Bill Mitiu of the Greater Chicago Combine won 1st, 2nd , 4th, 5th, 12th, 13th and 18th from 138 miles vs 1603 birds and 119 lofts. The 4th Place bird was a CBS Van Elsacker. The 13th Place bird was a CBS Janssen.
8-12-03 David & Derrick Forsberg for winning 1st Place from 100 miles vs 202 birds and 10 lofts. The sire of this bird was 97-CBS-128, a Van Elsacker.

8-04-03 Bruce Gordon of the Puget Sound Concourse for winning High Point Loft in the overall, long, middle, and short catagories. Bruce also had 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th Overall High Point Bird. The first high point bird was bred out of a Simons Janssen and a Keizer hen. Its nestmate was 3rd high point bird. The 2nd, 6th and 7th high point birds were bred off Van Elsackers. Bruce also won High Point Cock, High Point Yearling, with many other birds in the top positions.

08-04-03 Frank Fleckner of Washington State, last week he took the first 15 places in the Concourse, and the top 18 places in the Combine in the "A" race. He also took the first 12 places in the combine in the "B" race. Several of his top birds were down from Van Elsackers, Merckx Janssens, and Performance Janssens.

6-05-2003 Ken Howard won the Suburban Motor City Combine, vs 567 birds, with a grandson of "Hustler."

07-08-03 Bob Bankard who won 1st Combine from 600 miles in the UPC with a grandson of Braakhuis 24, one of only 5 day birds. He also won 1st combine from 200 miles bred from a CBS Houben.

07-08-03 Robert Collison of the UPC Combine won 1st Club and Section and 2nd Combine at 600 miles, one of only 5 day birds. Both parents of this bird were CBS Hofkens.

Of the 5 day birds of the UPC Combine 600 mile, three of these were down from CBS stock.

07-01-03 Steve Lesley of Washington won the concourse from 400 miles, 40 lofts and 397 birds. This hen was bred from Van Elsackers purchased from CBS.
06-01-03 Joey Aguiar on an outstanding season so far. Joey has won three Southern New England Combines, on two of these, he had the 1st four positions. He tells us his two best breeding cocks are CBS Merckx Janssens. These two cocks are responsible for 4 combine winners.
05-22-03: Ron Barsic of Ohio won 1st through 3rd place from 181 miles, 18 lofts and 499 birds. These three birds are either CBS birds or bred from CBS birds.
  05-19-03: Bruce Gordon of Washington placed 1st through 6th in the Puget Sound Concourse, 43 lofts and 588 birds. These were bred from CBS and Van Elsacker stock. Bruce also has 3 other concourse wins this season, all bred from CBS Stock.
05-14-03: Joe Aguiar of Massachusetts, won equal 1st in the Combine bred from a CBS Janssen, vs 102 lofts, 1,535 birds.
05-13-03: Gene Miller won 1st place in two separate races, 230 mile Stilly Racing Club releases with two nestmate sisters out of a grandson of Jonge Talent when mated to a grandaughter of the Diamond Pair. Also won 12th and 2nd place respectively in the Evergreen State Concourse.
  04-28-03: Vinnie Montagno of the North Texas Concourse won 1st, 2nd and 3rd vs 420 birds from 300 miles. Bred by Don Rice from grandchildren of Keizer.
Congratulations to Steve Lesley, Wa. for a great weekend 4/12/03 100 miles. A race 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th vs 54 lofts 673 birds. 1st was 01-CBS-3930 (019 Janssen), 7th was 01-CBS-3891 (Performance Janssen). On the B race Steve was 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th on the drop vs 53 lofts 647 birds. 4th was 01-CBS-3911 (Van Elsacker).

Congratulations to Carl Schoelkopf for winning the Racing Pigeon Digest Ace Long Distance Award, bred from a CBS Jan Aarden.

Congratulations to Chuck Smith of Oregon for winning a Digest Ace Pigeon Award, with CBS banded Engels.

Linda Joneli of Red Rose Lofts reports great success with a Janssen from the Simons Family Loft of Holland. This cock bred a concourse winner vs over 600 birds and helped their team to win 4th Place in the Breeders Cup at the AU Convention in Denver.
Norm Wells of the Band City Club won Champion Young Bird of his club with grandchild of Verona. He also won Champion Loft Award in the CU, bred from CBS stock birds. 
Congratulations to Jack Manders. He won 2nd average Speed in the Americas King Cup bred from a granddaughter of Keizer.

Congratulations to Eric Houchen of Mead, WA. He won 5th in the Vegas bred off of a Simons Janssen. The nestmate to this pigeon won 1st Place in the Vegas Classic race.

Congratulations to these Vegas Classic winners: Pat Aston won equal 1st with a granddaughter of "Jef". Eric Houchen was equal 1st bred from a nephew of Keizer and daughter of Merckx 811. Kirks Loft won equal 1st bred from a grandson of "Bonte As."

Congratulations to Larry, Bill, Roland of the Bixby Connection. They won 11th Place in the Vegas Race.Com with a grandson of "As Duif"
Michael Pelaez won 5th place in the GHC Gulf Coast Classic with a grandson of Jonge Stier. Terry Dry of Washington won 6th place in the GHC Gulf Coast Classic bred from two CBS banded Hofkens which he purchased in a young bird kit. There were only 6 seconds between 1st and 6th place.
Congratulations toThomas Knightes of NY winner of 1st and 2nd at 150 miles with CBS 1621 and CBS 1808, both Black Diamonds. CBS 1808 was Champion Bird for the Champlain Valley RPC for 2002 Young Birds. John 007, Bronx, NY for winning high point bird for 2002 Young Birds down from CBS Grizzles. Frank Demattia of Staten Island, NY for winning 3rd place in the PAOF Band Race, 93 lofts and 721 birds (only 42 seconds behind the winner) with CBS 490 Grizzle.
Congratulations to these Vegas Classic 1st Drop Winners:
1st - Eric Houchin of Mead, Washington, bred from a Simons Janssen
2nd - Dennis Bedford of Las Vegas, NV, bred from a son of Keizer
5th - Lydia and Nef Diaz of Cantillo, Texas, Houben lines

25th - Gene Yoes of Louisiana, bred from a son of Keizer
Congratulations to Victor Spaccaerlli of New York for winning the Wescon Futurity, three years in a row, with CBS pigeons.

Ruben and Marcelo Mas of Argentina won 1st Federation vs 1,250. The sire of this bird is Hey Van Loon from CBS and the dam is a Janssen from CBS.

They also won 1st Champion Bird. This bird is lines of Keizer, Bonte As, and Fons. Both parents were bred by CBS. They also won Champion Loft of the Federation.

Greg Warren of Omaha, NE won Champion Young Bird with grandchild of Bonte As. Greg also won the Grainbelt Classic with a bird bred down from CBS stock.
Congratulations to Guy Perry of Meridian, MS for his outstanding season so far. He won the 100 mile Combine with CBS banded Sprinter, won the 150 mile Combine with CBS banded Houben and he won the 200 mile with CBS banded Black Diamond.
Ruben Marcelo, Argentina. Won 1st vs 2,316 birds at a distance of 294km. Winner bred off 2 CBS Janssens (Keizer, Bonte As) - Merckx and "019" lines.
Chuck Smith of Oregon won 1st vs 312 birds and 41 lofts with CBS bred Engels. On the same weekend Chuch took 1st vs 508 birds, 42 lofts with another CBS bred Engels.
Congratulations to Bobby Brown who won the Continental Breeders Classic Futurity with a grandson of Jonge Merckx.
Bruce Gordon, flying in the Puget Sound Concourse, won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th from 170 miles, 50 lofts, 631 birds. Bruce also won 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th from 170 miles, 44 lofts, 441 birds. All were bred from CBS Van Elsacker stock.
Granddaughter of the Finje Janssen scored two 1st's in three races. In the other race she was a top 10 finish. This bird was flown by Matt Barnhart and bred by Bob McKenna.
Mike Larson won 1st Chicago combine vs approx 110 lofts and 2000 birds. The sire of this bird was a CBS bred Grizzle cock. Mike tells us this bird as bred 7 first prize winners now.
Gary Braden of Oregon won 1st Combine vs 414 birds with a CBS bred Engels and another race took 5th and 7th vs 885 birds with CBS bred Engels.
Scott Daughtry has the only day bird from 400 miles with a grandson of "1115." This bird also had 4 first place wins as a young bird against and average of 300 birds.

Bruce Gordon of the Puget Sound Concourse won 1st Place, 275 miles vs 407. The sire of this bird was a grandson of "019", the dam was a full sister to the "Cup Winner"

He also won 1st at 170 miles, vs 638 birds with a bird bred from Van Elsackers.

David and Derrick Forsberg, father and son, each won a 1st Place in '02 YB with siblings bred off a son of "Blaar," Van Elsakcer.
Dick Remus, Illinois wins 1st Club 500 miles with AU-95-CBS-875. In addition this 7 year old Janssen cock has won many diplomas over the years. His nestmate sister won a 1st Federation and was then stocked. She has bred Federation winners. "875" has also bred winners. Their background is Merckx and 46 De Klak.
Bonte As has sired many pigeons that have made a big impact.
95-CBS-1661, son of Bonte As, has been just such a bird for Mike Pelaez, Tampa, FL. From only the 2001 breeding season, 1661 sired five different youngsters that scored in the races. That's breeding excellence & consistency! Congratulations to Mike Pelaez, who did the breeding, and Mario Gomez, who did the flying!
Vinnie Mantago
won 1st Combine vs 162 birds and 2nd North Texas Concourse vs 611 birds from 325 miles. The sire of this bird is a grandson of Keizer and Namath. The dam is down from CBS Hofkens.

Dave Smith
, of Pugent Sound Concourse, won overall high point bird. This bird was bred by Bruce Gordon. The dam is a sister to the "Geschifte 97" of Serge Van Elsacker. We congratulate Dave on an excellent season.

Bruce Gordon was 2nd overall high point bird, also down from Van Elsacker. Bruce also won Champion Yearling Long Distance off a son of Keizer 166 and Van Elsacker hen. He also won 1st High Point Cock Middle Distance with Van Elsackers.

Bud Murray won 6th Champion bird, #1030 - bred by Bruce Gordon. This was another Van Elsacker.

02-CBS-1618 won 1st Place Red Oak Futurity, Texas from 275 miles. The sire of this bird is "Internuntius", good racing cock flown by Serge Van Elsacker. The dam of this bird is a daughter of "Orleans" and "Cambrai".
Butch Hyde, Grand Saline Texas, won 1st place in the Loft of the Pines one loft race. The dam of Butch's winning bird was bred by CBS. She is sired by a grandson of Keizer; her dam is inbred "46" Janssen.

Ruben & Marcelo Mas, Argentina won 1st place vs 1,036 birds, from 200 miles. Both parents of the winning bird were bred by CBS (Janssen & Van Loon).

This same pigeon won 1st Club vs 310 and 5th Federation vs 995

Frank Fleckner of Seattle had a great-grandson of Wondere Merckx (200067Blue Check Cock.) just make AU Champion (registration pending). This cock won 1st Champion Yearling Middle Distance 2001 and 1st Champion Cock Middle Distance 2001 (Concourse Level Results). In two years this cock has attained 168.44 AU Champion Points flying from 114 miles to 414 miles. His Dam (from CBS) is a daughter of "Firefox" from J.V. Vlimmeren & Son when mated to a daughter of "Wondere Merckx".

Bruce Gordon of Seattle, won 1st, 3rd and 7th vs 52 lofts, 445 birds. Won 1st with grandson of Topgun, this bird has had two 1sts and a 2nd. He won 3rd with a great grandson of Keizer and 7th with a grandson of Keizer.
Mike Vander Jagt, won 1st Combine at 112 miles with 01-CBS-1842, Merckx Janssen. This same bird took 2nd in the club at 189 miles. Mike also took 1st at 189 miles with 01-CBS-1774, Jan Aarden. He also took 2nd in this race with a bird from CBS.
Daughtry Brothers, Alabama, won 1st vs 107 birds, with the only day bird from 380 miles, with 01-CBS-2673. This same bird also had 3 club wins as a young bird. 2673 was purchased in a CBS kit, from one of our Van Elsacker breeding pairs.
Kenny Kelly, Texas, won 1st Champion Loft and 1st Average Speed, old birds, Dallas Combine. Also, 2nd high point bird with 01-CBS-338 (Van Loon), 4th high point bird with 99-CBS-172 (Van Elsacker), 8th high point bird with 99-CBS-302 (Van Elsacker).
Mike and Donna Dereu of California won 1st place with 00-CBS-40, Black Diamond, G/son of Onyx; and 7th place with 99-CBS-3158, a Black Diamond, at a distance of 313 miles against 941 birds and 55 lofts.

Matt Reilly of New York won 1st combine New York bred off 2 CBS Janssens.

Bruno Bredice, Argentina- 1st International Grand Prix Race vs. over four hundred birds. The countries that participated were Gemany, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Argentina and France. Only three day birds clocked. Winner was bred from two CBS banded pigeons.
Scott Daughtry, Alabama-Three times first in the combine with CBS banded Van
Mark Mourton, Idaho-Two times first in the combine with CBS banded Van Riels.
Warren Sessink, Detroit-Equal third in Motor City race versus over twelve hundred birds with 01-CBS-985. Grandson of Adriaan and Vic.
Bob Barnes, Jr., Detroit-First place SMCC Classic versus over five hundred birds with 01-CBS-1038. Inbred granddaughter of Bonte As.
Sal Demonda, Brooklyn-First Tri-Borough futurity with CBS banded bird.
Jamie Lipsett, California-Second combine and other top positions with CBS banded birds.
Roman Tomala, Illinois-Won champion loft "A" series, Second champion bird down from CBS Jan Aardens. Won first club, combine, federation with bird down from CBS grizzles.
Mike O'Neal, Florida- Won second place in Central Florida Combine futurity for CBS with CBS banded Hofken.
Curtis Templeton, Florida-Won fifth place in Central Florida Combine futurity for CBS with grandson of Twister.
Ron Barsic, Ohio-Won champion bird "A" series in 2001 old birds with CBS banded bird. Won champion loft "A" series. First four champion birds "A" series in 2001 youngbirds. Three times first in combine, and many other top positions in 2001 young birds. Two times first in combine and many other top places in 2001 old birds.
Kenny Farrell, Boston - was three times first in his club and second concourse vs 1,321 birds with CBS banded birds.


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