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World Ace Challenge
10-CBS-1848 - 6th Average Speed. Son of "Jonge Merckx and Jade/Vandenabeele Hen
10-CBS-1922 - 15th Average Speed. Rik Cools x Granddaughter of "Jef"

Texas Gusher
10-CBS-1043 - 1st Champion Bird. "Thor" (Bordeaux) x "Cheryl" (daughter of "Jade")

New England Open
10-CBS-694 - 1st vs 1,879 from 300 Miles. Roodhoft/Hofken

Cowtown Kicker
(3 birds in the first drop)
10-CBS-568 - Dakota x daughter of "Keizer 166"
10-CBS-566 Thor x Cheryl
10-CBS-664 "Ironman" x daughter of "990"

American Grand National
10-CBS-801 First drop 300 miles (equal 1st) "Cooper" x Inbred Keizer hen

Dave Dudley Race
10-CBS-1506 - 1st Place 220 miles, 3rd Place 300 miles. Son of "Dreamer" x daughter of "990"

Texas Iron Bird Classic
10-CBS-817 - 2nd Average Speed, 1st 200 mile race
10-CBS-816 - 6th Average Speed

AU Convention Race
10-MEX-7626 - 6th Place. Son of "Sky Devil" x daughter of "Jonge Merckx" & "Jade"
10-MEX-7625 - 2nd Place. "Mirage" x 07-CBS-703 daughter of "Sky Devil"

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