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10/12/2016 Thao Loft in MN wins at 300 miles!

Hello Rick and Steve Mardis.

This is Cha and Pa Chong. We fly with the Twin city
concourse in Minnesota. This year we had great results
from CBS . We are Thao Pigeon Loft. Our biggest
accomplishment and goal was to win the 300 mile races.
We won a 300 mile race with AU 2016 JEDDS 23206 (winning
a club ahpi race and some money). Then a week later a
full brother placed 13th in the GOLD Band race (in the money).
Gold band race was a tough race, they flew 9 hours on the wing.
They seem to do well on both headwinds and tailwinds. Just
wanted you guys to know.

The sire is AU 2011 CBS 354.

The dam is AU 2015 VIK 1660, which is off of AU 2014 CBS 2448.
1660 was our best flyer in 2015 as that was our first year racing and
on the natural system.

Thanks for the good quality birds.
Cha and Pa Chong Thao